On May 29, 2019, the 24th annual meeting of Yiwu Top Brands Products Protection Association was successfully held in Yiwu Yihe Hotel. Representatives of Courts, Procuratorates, Market Supervision Administration, Public Security Bureau, Customs and other organs, as well as more than 100 new and old association member enterprises attended the meeting.

At the meeting, BOB and one of our IPR clients both were awarded the outstanding members of Year 2018, and BOB accepted the honorary certificate presented by the association.

The association is the first mass IPR protection organization in China to protect the independent intellectual property rights of enterprises. Since its establishment in 1995, it has engaged with Yiwu MSA, PSB, Customs and other organs to ferret out 10,918 various infringement cases involving RMB 200 million. The scope of IPR protection has gradually extended to diversified new fields, such as e-commerce and trade secret protection.

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